The Kendall Burrows Foundation seeks to:

  1. Create loving and healing environments for children facing long-term hospital stays.

  2. Raise awareness and increase donations of whole blood and platelets

  3. Advocate, educate, and contribute to research for Evan’s Syndrome and similar autoimmune blood disorders


KBF will continue to seek support from the people whose lives were touched by Kendall as well as those that are inspired by Kendall’s story and want to make a difference. Past fundraising efforts have included golf tournaments, balloon ascensions, casino nights, and the generosity of many people donating their time and their money, including selfless acts from Kendall’s friends suggesting that their birthday gifts be donations to the foundation and marriage unions naming Kendall Burrows as their charity of their choice. Moving forward, KBF will continue hosting events to raise money as well as seek sponsorships and partnerships with other corporations and non-profits dedicated to finding a cure


The Kendall Burrows Foundation will seek partnerships with the American Red Cross, local children’s hospitals, NIH, research institutions, and other foundations focused on autoimmune disease research to strive to accomplish the overall mission.


Donate $17 a month and become one of Kendall’s Angels!